Technically the maps are in React, and the streams are in Node.js, but it's all JavaScript in the end.
Build a smart leak detector complete with SMS notifications if a leak's detected.
Plus see how to merge TypeScript objects with disparate properties and use Netflix's Eureka service registry to easily keep tabs on your microservices.
JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) are commonplace nowadays for web apps requiring user authentication. Passport.js makes this (and any other type of auth) simpler.
"The Niedringhaus Effect" returns to Blues Wireless TV, as I walk through how to build an anti-theft asset tracker in under an hour.
An IoT project inspired by bees 🐝, plus two articles to improve your web development with React and Docker.
I turned the lemons of a stolen car into lemonade, in the form of a new blog post and video on how to build an asset tracker and accompanying dashboard.
Use Docker in Java apps? You'll definitely want to read this post that gives you all the Docker power without needing to be a Docker expert.
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